Project Report Preparation Charges

ParticularsPrice (In Rs.)
Project Cost up to Rs.100 Lakh2499
Project Cost Rs.101 Lakh to Rs.200 Lakh3499
Project Cost Rs.201 Lakh to Rs.500 Lakh5499
Project Cost Rs.501 Lakh to Rs.1000 Lakh9499
Project Cost Rs.1001 Lakh to Rs.1500 Lakh12499
Project Cost Rs.1500 Lakh to Rs.2000 Lakh14999
Project Cost above Rs.2000 Lakh19999

The above mention price includes:-

  1. All types of taxes.
  2. Customization Charges

The above mention price does not includes:-

  1. Courier/postage expenses
  2. CA Certification Charges
  3. All other incidental expenses

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