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We keep in mind the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) and Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY) and all Government Schemes have prepared Manufacturing Shop and Online Store of Handicraft Project report for bank Loan.

In addition, inform us if any modification is required in the report. Thereafter, we will amend the report and make it available to you immediately.

Manufacturing Shop and Online Store of Handicraft Project Report for Bank Loan

Manufacturing Shop and Online Store of Handicraft Business Plan for Bank Loan related to business and services in India. The report provides a Business plan in India for bank loan in excel, word and pdf format and also available in the Hindi language.

Manufacturing Shop and Online Store of Handicraft Project report Format for Loan.

However, the format for the project report includes financial information. Therefore, it includes Projected Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements for the next 8 years. It also includes Ratio Analysis, Market Potential, Business Plan, Industry Trends, and Process.

Also present strengths and weaknesses. Hence, understand in below mention two parts.

Firstly, Manufacturing Shop and Online Store of Handicraft Detailed Project Report Contains: –

  • Details of Business
  • Introduction to Business Idea
  • Brief about the effect of COVID- 19 on Business
  • Benefits Available under Government Sponsored scheme
  • Computation of Subsidies available under the scheme
  • Manufacturing or Operating Process,
  • Process Flow Chart
  • Supplies of Raw material
  • Supplies of Plant and machinery
  • Export-import Data
  • Credit Policies
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Future Plans
  • SWOT Analysis

Secondly, below mentioned financial statements will be for the next 8 Years

  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Projected Income Statement
  • Cost Of Finance
  • Means Of Finance
  • Assessment Of Working Capital Requirement
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Term Loan Repayment Chart
  • Depreciation Chart
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • Ratio Analysis
  • IRR
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Break-Even Analysis

Procedure to get Detail Business Plan

Gone are the days waiting at the door of expert, as a result, get your project report in hand, now you can get your business plan in just one single click.  Further, the report is editable; therefore you can edit it the way you want to.

Consequently, we can modify the Cost of the project, capacity, and loan amount as per your need.

CA Certified Manufacturing Shop and Online Store of Handicraft Project Report 

However, some banks asking for CA certified report; therefore we provide the same, on additional payment of Rs.1000/- ( One thousand only).

In Conclusion, we have prepared the business profile in contrast to that you can access it immediately. Our team is also ready for any kind of changes in the project report.

Introduction to Indian Handicraft Industry

India provides resources for the development of the country’s cultural diversity and heritage craft products.

The Indian handicrafts industry is one of the important segments of the decentralized sector in India. According to the national census of handicrafts, the value of handicrafts produced by NCAER last year was Rs.26,213 crore.

The handicrafts industry provides large employment opportunities to artisans including women and people belonging to backward and vulnerable societies. India’s contribution to the world’s handicrafts market is 1.2%.

The Indian handicraft industry is widely spread in rural and urban areas.

Demand for handicrafts products is continuously increasing in developed countries like the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, etc. The development of the fashion industry requires handicraft products. Handicraft products are highly needed in the real estate business.

There are good opportunities in the domestic and international tourism sector.

Handicraft Business on E-commerce and internet

Indian e-commerce business is progressing continuously. There are good chances of this in the future. Take advantage of this opportunity and sell handicrafts thru e-commerce. Indian handicraft is also popular with international audiences. E-commerce and the Internet have emerged as distribution channels to market Indian handicraft products.

Selling a handicraft product is a challenging task. Due to the advent of cheap Chinese products, Indian handicrafts are facing competition. However, there is a group of users who are still interested in hand made products. Therefore, it is important to reach the right customers.

It is not possible to reach a large number of customers in physical stores. So creating an online handicraft store website and selling handicrafts online is a great option.

Challenge and opportunity

Competitions are high in the Indian domestic market. The balance between high demand and supply is not right. Competition markets are also available from countries like China, South Africa. More production and better technical support are available in competitive countries.

However, India has an edge against its rivals such as China, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, and Korea, which typically produce machine-made products.

Indian handmade products have a niche market all over the world, affecting through distinctive design, workmanship, ingenuity, color, and raw materials, etc.

In Conclusion, The government needs to encourage integrated enterprise development by providing support services such as skills training, product optimization, vocational training, and local centers for entrepreneurship development.

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